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In 1902, once Barcelona’s wall to the sea was pulled down, the company Centro de Navieros Aseguradores commissioned the architect Josep Pujol i Brull to construct a building to house their headquarters. The offices were set on the main floor, which was later occupied by the Condeminas maritime agency, from where the building got its name.

Casa Condeminas is located at number 11 on the Passeig de Colom, just in front of Barcelona’s marina, the Real Club Náutico —a leading centre in the Mediterranean nautical scene with over 140 years of history— and the Port Vell Marina —a world-class marina for superyachts with an exclusive location in the heart of the city—. It could be said that Casa Condeminas is the most maritime modernist building in Barcelona. The views from its balconies, including the iconic shape of mount Monjuïc, are unique in the city.

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19th century - 1860

A building overlooking Carrer de la Mercè 20-24 is built. It is a simple building that is clearly the work of a master builder. The plans are signed by Felip Ubach, a prolific architect at the time. The façade is six-storeys high, one less than the façade overlooking Passeig de Colom.

On the ground floor there are six openings, two of which are entrances to commercial premises, and the others are the windows of these businesses. On the first floor there are six doors with a running balcony that unites the four central openings, and on the other floors there are six separate balconies. All the balconies have wrought iron railings.

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Beginning of the 20th century - 1902

At the beginning of the 20th century, the company Centro de Navieros Aseguradora commissioned the construction of a building at 11 Passeig de Colom. The promenade had been developed years earlier after the demolition of the sea wall due to the renovations for the Universal Exhibition of 1888. This new building was to house the headquarters of the company. The project was entrusted to Josep Pujol i Brull, and construction began in 1902. The building was annexed to an older one with access from Carrer de la Mercè.

The new building was decorated with many modernist elements. The beautiful decorations were visible on the façade, the foyer, the main staircase and inside the apartments.

The main floor was occupied by the Centro de Navieros Aseguradora and, later on, by the Condeminas maritime agency, which gave its name to the building. The Centro de Navieros Aseguradora continued to occupy the ground floor. The upper floors were residential properties until the 1970s.

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2nd half of the 20th century

Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the residential properties were slowly turned into offices. This caused many modifications and the deterioration and loss of some of the original modernist features.

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21th century - 2023

During the second decade of the 21st century the building changed ownership with the intention of becoming a hotel.

A moratorium on new hotels implemented by Barcelona City Council in 2016 halted the project. Because of this, it was decided to turn the building into a residential property.